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Heads you lose, tails you lose, no matter what you lose

Pathological game players.
Pathological game players.
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Back in the day, in "another life," my education and training focused on four specialty areas -- English literature, composition and rhetoric, education, and theology with a concentration on pastoral care and counseling. The latter involved knowing all of the major milestones in psychology from its earliest history to the modern era.

In the 1960s a school of thought came into vogue in psychological circles that was based on what became known as "transactional analysis." I will not waste time here explaining it all, except to say that part of the theory of 'TA" involved the clinical observation of the things that contribute to psychological disturbance. A big part of it concentrated on the games people play, psychological games, that are intended to do two things -- one to provide ego defense for the patient and the other to keep one above all other people by showing everyone else time and again that they are superior.

Various reasons were put forth to account for why some people engage in these games. But the prime motivating factor is self-preservation. The patient does these things unconsciously for reasons that have their roots in childhood, mainly as a reaction to their failure to get their basic needs met.

Enough of that. It gets complicated. But one of the games that was identified as one of the more common games people play is called, according to the original developer of TA, Eric Berne, "Now I've got you, you son of a b*tch." The person who plays this game with people commonly will create scenarios in their relationships where the other person or persons can never win. No matter what they do, they lose. They are made to look bad. They are proved to be losers by suffering through the humiliation that ensues when the person playing the game places them in a "Catch 22." Toss the coin, and if it's heads, they lose. If it's tails, they lose. They have been backed into a corner by the person playing the game, in spite of the fact that this game-player is not even consciously aware they are doing this.

In the current state of American politics, Barack Obama and his supporters, particularly the masterminds of his political philosophy, exhibit all of the marks of a pathological need to play the game called "now I've got you, you son of a b*tch." No matter what the opposition does or says, it is going to be wrong. They will be made to look like fools. Criticize the president, and you are obviously a racist. Get a black conservative to offer the critique of the president, and it is still racist. Get a woman to run on the president ticket, such as Sarah Palin in 2008, and the opposition only shows that it is waging a "war on women." Why? Because they did not pick "the right kind of woman" to run. In other words, she wasn't like Margaret Sanger, Jodie Evans, or convicted domestic terrorist Bernandine Dohrn.

Within this fantasy world created by progressives/collectivists, one must tread carefully or you will find yourself in deep trouble with the law. If you happen to be among the majority of patriotic, stable minded citizens who believe in God, the Bible, the Constitution, gun rights, and freedom, then you are a potential homegrown terrorist. So, what is your only alternative if you wish to avoid controversy and being lampooned and falsely accused? You keep your mouth shut. The message? You cannot win anyway. Oppose Obama's pathological need to tar and feather you by fighting back, and you will be a target of the Feds in one way or another. So, you had best be silent.

Are these merely baseless charges that come out of minds that are steeped in paranoia? Look at the record for the truth. Eric Holder has stated in recent days that opposition to Obama comes out of racism, thought not all of his opponents are racist. Janet Napolitano, former DHS Secretary, called us, the loyal opposition, potential homegrown terrorists. Democrats who sit on the House Oversight Committee will roll out the racism card each time Republicans make progress in investigating Obama's many acts of outright tyranny. We are even told we probably have ties to the KKK. I spent a good part of my adult life opposing the KKK and any group like them. But you see, the difference is that I also think that the Black Panthers are just as bad. The record proves they are just as bad. But if you say so, then you are a racist.

Thus, it is becoming increasingly clear that there will be no purely political solutions to these kinds of problems. How can there be? We are dealing here with pathology. These people are very ill. And right now, they have us backed into a corner where we cannot win. This cannot be stopped by rational thinking and level-headed political solutions. The people we are dealing with are not rational. They are playing a game, a pathological game indicating that they are not mentally stable. And what happens when those who very ill are in control? Normal solutions do not work on the very sick. They must be forced out. And the window for doing so is quickly closing.

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