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Heads will roll on Fox's new scifi thriller Sleepy Hollow

In the new Fox TV show, Sleepy Hollow, heads will roll as a modern Ichabod Crane teams up with a cop to stop a time-travelling bad guy called the Horseman.

Tune in on Fox's new scifi thriller airing Sept 16 and on Mondays after Bones

In Irving’s 1820 short story, "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow," two hundred and fifty years ago, Ichabod Crane arrived at the village of Sleepy Hollow as a lowly teacher who convinced the children’s parents to allow him to stay in their homes one week at a time so he wouldn't have to pay for lodgings. The lean and, inside the schoolroom, strict Crane was quite the hedonist outside the schoolyard.

After being rebuffed by the local heiress, Crane walks home in the dark, where he encounters the legendary Headless Horseman; the ghost of a Hessian soldier who was decapitated by a cannonball during the American Revolutionary War. Crane runs away, crossing a bridge that the Horseman is unable to cross. In frustration, the Horseman throws his head across the bridge at Crane. The thrown head knocks Crane off his horse and, according to tale, is never heard from again.

In this version, Sleepy Hollow has Ichabod Crane working for General George Washington. Crane shot and beheaded the Horseman during the Revolutionary battle. Crane is disoriented when he lands in today’s century, getting arrested but finally released.

While traveling with his now cop partner, Crane says, “That building used to be a livery.”

Abbie Mills, Crane's partner, says, “Well, now it’s a Starbucks.”

And later, Crane meets a witch who tells him the Horseman was entombed beneath a lake and is now gone and leaves Crane with, “The clues are in Washington’s Bible.”

And off the story goes, 21st century cop and Revolutionary War veteran, searching historical documents for clues much as the popular movie National Treasure and the TV shows Falling Skies and Zero Hour, to save humanity.

Sleepy Hollow stars Tom Mison (The Amazing Mrs. Pritchard and Lost in Austen) as Ichabod Crane, bringing the British accent which seems popular these days, Nicole Beharie (American Violet) as Abbie Mills the modern day cop, Orlando Jones (MadTV, Tainted Love) as the Captain, and John Cho (Sulu in Star Trek: Into Darkness) and is produced by Fringe's Alex Kurtzman and Bob Orci.

Characters you might remember and who I’m glad to see are actor and stuntman Richard Cetrone (Star Trek Into Darkness, Thor, 300 ) who will play the Horseman and my favorite, Clancy Brown (Transformers Prime, Starship Troopers, Earth 2) playing Sheriff August Corbin.

Sleepy Hollow is filmed in both Wilmington and Salisbury, North Carolina.

Will Sleepy Hollow succeed when shows like Revolution and Once Upon a Time are declining in ratings?

“Buyers note that sci fi/fantasy shows are a major trend this fall following the initial success of NBC’s Revolution and the CW’s Arrow, says Medialife.

The scifi/thriller Sleepy Hollow premieres Monday Sept 16 on Fox at 9pm/8pm central after Bones, will be its Monday night lead-in until November.

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