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'Heads Up,' there is a new update to Cal for Android

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The Android app, Cal, has been one of my favorites since it's debut, and it just keeps getting better and better.

Now with the launch of the 'Heads Up' feature, there is a new way of doing meetings that maximizes productivity.

Ok, let's put this out on the table... I hate meetings. What a waste of time. For some it's a good way to think about where to eat dinner that night, for others, it's a chance to catch a quick nap before you do something more critical and important like try to finish that level of Candy Crush.

If you use for Cal for Android, it doesn't have to be that way.

The new "Heads Up" feature for Cal lets you organize and control a meeting- before, during, and after.

With Heads Up you get action screens that are easy to read and use.

Per Cal for Android, here is some of what you can now do:

Before a meeting:

Navigate your way with Google maps
Let participants know you’re running late
Arrive on time
Email a message to the invitees

During a meeting:

Mute your phone to avoid interruptions
Add tasks as they come up in conversation
Take photos of white board drawings, diagrams, documents to share with everyone
Record video or audio of what’s being discussed
Send a summary email to the group

After a meeting:

Add or send action items to your peers
Set Follow-up meetings with everyone involved
Send an email summary to get everyone on the same page

Heads Up is easy to use and makes you more productive without even trying.

Heads Up takes the one-way flow of information we are accustomed to at meetings and makes a robust two-way productivity channel that keeps you going forward, both in the day and in that ever-important big picture.

Try it and see if you like being more productive. You might even impress your boss.

Cal with HeadsUp is now available on Google Play (stay tuned for HeadsUp in Cal for iPhone coming soon).


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