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Headphones project

This is a pair that are half finished.
This is a pair that are half finished.
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Anyone who has children that have any type of electronics knows that headphones go faster then a plate of pizza put in front of a child. Whether you buy the most expensive brand or the cheapest ones you can find, headphones seem to break easily especially when it comes to the wiring. However, there is a solution that may not completely solve the problem but it will at least keep your stock on headphones down.

The first thing that you want to do is get either a pair of headphones that you or your children already have or buy a pair for the person or people that you are making these for. The next thing you want to get is the DMC floss in the colors that your children, or even you, want to turn your headphones into. You can do as many colors as you choose per headphone set but the more colors you choose the more times you will need to switch off colors.

The pattern that you use is not a difficult one. You want to start at the end that you plug into your electronic device. You will start with a basic knot making sure that you leave about a 1/4" or less of DMC floss at the end. Then just continue with basic knots as you go down the cord of the head phones. While you are doing these knots, you want to make them around the excess floss so that it is hidden by your knots. This will make it harder for the knots to come unraveled during use.

As you make your knots, they will start to make a spiral pattern down the wiring. If you make a color change, leave 1/4" or less at the end and then start over doing the same as above with the new color. As you do your knots you will keep any excess floss under your knots so that it looks like one clean spiral down the cord.

When you come to the end of your wiring, finish up the knots like you have done the whole project and use a skinny but not sharp tool to tuck the last piece of floss into the knots. You are now done with a fashionable pair of headphones that will hold up better.

Happy Crafting :)

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