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Heading Up North? Stop into the Whitetail Tavern

The Northwood's of Minnesota are full of all sorts of hidden treasures: beautiful lakes, great fishing spots, and the serenity of small town life, just to name a few. While many of these hidden treasures are what nature offers, some of them are what the people of the Northwood's offer: wonderful dining and bar experiences. The Whitetail Tavern is one of these gems. Nestled between lakes and pines, it is a treat to anyone who is visiting Up North. If you're looking for good beer, and a good time, this is the place for you.

The Whitetail offers a pretty good beer list. They have a good selection on tap, with 16 different varieties to choose from. Most of these are domestics, and many are local flavors from Minnesota and Wisconsin: you have a nice choice between Summit, Schell's and Leinenkugel's. The WTT also offers about 26 varieties of bottled beers, with a nice selection between domestics and imports. The great thing about the Whitetail's variety is their prices. You can hardly find a more affordable bottle or pint of beer than here. They offer a "beer of the month," a tap selection that costs only a $1.50 for a pint. You can't go wrong with that price.

The other great thing about the Whitetail is that it's just plain fun. It's an easy place to get to on ATV or snowmobile, and there is a lot to do once you are inside. A variety of plasma TVs makes it easy to watch the game. Playing Big Buck Hunter here is a must-do. The Whitetail is decorated to fit the heart of any outdoors-men or hunter/fisher: its ambiance really goes in with the whole Up-North, small town appeal. This is a place where you will see a trophy buck or a northern displayed proudly on the walls. The woodworking here really compliments the Northern feel, and each table is decorated with a local lake. Karaoke is great here, especially with a nice, cold beer in your hand.

So when you're north bound, make sure to stop in at the Whitetail Tavern. Located off of highway 34 outside of Nevis, it's pretty easy to find, and guarantees an enjoyable time.

The Whitetail Tavern is located on 24025 State Highway 34, Nevis, MN.


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