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Head to Yellowstone

Hot pool at Upper Geyser Basin
Hot pool at Upper Geyser Basin
Yellowstone Association

Yellowstone National Park is fantastic this time of year!  Most of the concessions are open for another couple of weeks, the traffic is light and the weather couldn't be better.

I called a friend of mine on Friday night and we were on the way north in the morning. The drive is a bit long so we were opting on finding a couple of short hikes in the Park. We came in through West Yellowstone and out through the Geyser Basin to Jackson.

We identified Mystic Falls as a short and pretty hike on the way. Unfortunately I got turned around in the parking lot and headed on a dirt trail that tied into the boardwalk system around Old Faithful. This was a happy mistake because we saw some deeply colorful pools that were not well traveled, even though they were in close proximity to the most popular sites.

We looped this trail and headed to the parking lot and the actual trail for Mystic Falls. The signage is misleading but stay to the left when it forks; it will be a more spectacular view as you climb the ridgeline. The falls are gorgeous and from the top of the mountain you get a great view of Biscuit Basin. The trail then drops altitude quickly back to the boardwalks and the parking lot.

FYI: the mile markers are also misleading. We believe the trail was between 1-2 miles.