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Head to Toe Detox Tips

Head to Toe Detox Tips
Head to Toe Detox Tips

You enjoyed the holidays, maybe a little too much, eating and drinking and now is a good time as any to do a head to toe detox and get back on track for 2014.

So, here are some handy detox tips.

Face Detox

Lack of sleep, party makeup and an unbalanced diet can cause your complexion to pitch a fit (in the form of pimples, usually). Purge your pores of all the residual gunk with purifying products filled with clarifying ingredients like mud, honey, fruit enzymes, clay and sage.

  • Start with a Cleansing Clay Mask like the one from Dr. Hauschka, which is made for all skin types to purifying and deep clean skin. Made from fine-textured loess clay, it absorbs oil and impurities while invigorating skin, refining pores and reducing appearance of blemishes and calming skin.

Body Detox

Cold, dry weather conditions can leave skin dehydrated, ashy and even cracked. (All those festive adult beverages cause extra dehydration, too.) To recharge, slough off dull skin with a salt- or sugar-based body exfoliant. Impurity-purging ingredients like mud and clay will give you an extra dose of detoxification.

  • Think Scrub to detox, like Bayberry Naturals Turmeric and Citrus Clarifying Scrub which is made with turmeric citrus, and sea salt to reveal clearer skin and jojoba oil to moisturize it.

Hair Detox

Product buildup and heat styling from the holidays can leave your looks looking drab and feeling coarse. Use a natural clarifying shampoo—with coconut-derived cleansers, citron fruit pulp, lavender or eucalyptus—to remove build-up from heavy styling products. Then follow it up with a nourishing reparative mask to restore luster and smoothness.

  • Begin with an easy hair revamp with Carol's Daughter Monoi Reparing Sulfate-Free Shampoo which repairs hair damage by 96% even after one use.

Mind Detox

The holidays are over—time to stress less and get back to business. Distractions out, motivation in.

  • Refresh and revitalize yourself wherever you are with 21 Drops 09 Focus, a 100% natural essential oil blend that helps concentration and clarifies your mind. Great for use in the office or when traveling.

Food Detox

Losing weight is one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions, which means January is the universal stop-eating-junk month. Get your good-eating habits back on track with these health-full options. Your jeans (and digestive system) will thank you.

Adding a supplement is an easy way to get on track. Sibu Beauty Sea Buckthorn Liquid Supplement has over 190 bioactive compounds, including elusive Omega-7, to give your entire body a boost of nutrition and energy.

Hope you are having a wonderful new year and I hope these ideas can help you have an even better happy and healthy 2014.

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