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Head of cat research group leaving

The CEO of a cat health research group is leaving.
The CEO of a cat health research group is leaving.
Marc Selinger

The head of the Winn Feline Foundation announced March 29 that she will step down from the helm of the cat health research group at month’s end.

“I have decided to shift gears a bit and am making an important change in my professional life,” Maureen Walsh, the foundation’s chief executive officer, wrote in an e-mail to Winn supporters. Walsh told that she has a new job as vice president of marketing for the Craft and Hobby Association.

During her two-and-a-half-year tenure at the foundation, Winn has awarded major U.S. and foreign veterinary institutions more than $848,000 in research grants for preventing, diagnosing and treating feline ailments ranging from asthma to feline infectious peritonitis to kidney disease. Despite her departure, Walsh said she is “not leaving the cause” and will continue to volunteer with the 46-year-old nonprofit organization, which is based in Wyckoff, N.J.

Although her successor has not yet been announced, Winn's board of directors “is already busy planning a smooth transition,” Walsh said.

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