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Head north for a snowmobile adventure - Peninsula Center, Wisconsin

The rural landscape provides great vistas from the snowmobile trails.
The rural landscape provides great vistas from the snowmobile trails.
Jimmy Jacobs

Taking advantage of the opportunity to travel north in the wintertime provides Atlantans the chance to experience some very different cold-weather sports. Among those is snowmobiling. The feeling of skimming across the frozen countryside on one of these vehicles is a world away from the outdoors in the South.

On a Door County snowmobile trail.
Jimmy Jacobs

One place to give the sport a try is on Wisconsin’s Door County Peninsula. The county features more than 250 miles of trails. Some of those miles are county-funded, while others are provided by the county’s seven snowmobile clubs.

Those clubs keep the paths cleared and groomed for riding. Many of these trails are on private land, but all are open to the public.

The interior of Door County is basically a rural farming area, so streaking across the snow provides winter vistas of picturesque barns and home sites. But, there are also plenty of runs through the woodlands to offer a variety of scenery.

A good place to begin a snowmobile adventure is at Zettel Sales & Service in the community of Peninsula Center. Located in the north central portion of the county, the operation rents snowmobiles for individual use or on guided tours. From this point the interconnected snowmobile paths lead throughout the county.

Just be aware that it is mandatory to stay on the marked trails. Landowners allow the passage of the paths across their land, but in return ask riders to stay on the trails and out of their fields.

Maps of Door County snowmobile trails and reports on conditions are available online.