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Head Monster Noel Lee introduced new line of Monster products at CE Week

The summer is here, so that means longer, sunnier days, and it's time to get out, do fun outdoor activities and been seen in cool, trendy accessories! Monster, renowned for its headphones, mobile accessories, power strips and speakers, showcased an amazing new line of headsets at during a press conference at CE Week NY last week! Head Monster, Noel Lee never stops creating and keeps coming out with the latest and greatest, most innovative products to compliment everyone's specific needs and lifestyle. He aspires to create an amazing music experience, and judging from the lineup of some of the top favorite products below, it's without a doubt, that Monster is a giant in the headphones compartment.

Monster DNA 2.0 in black and rose gold looks stunning!
Monster DNA 2.0 in black and rose gold looks stunning!
Photos by Bevs L.
Head Monster Noel Lee introduced new line of Monster products at CE Week!
photo courtesy of Monster, used with permission

Monster DNA Pro 2.0, which launches some time in August 2014 (~$329.99) is perfect for every genre of music. It boasts of great bass, clarity, transparency dynamic range, and not just about about hip hop and urban, but also about country, jazz, classical and alternative! It will feature new custom designed drivers, and enhanced sound performance, and offers the ultimate, powerful and exciting listening experience. Also available to the DNA Pro 2.0, is Monster® Music Share™, which features dual-port inputs that allow up to five headphones to connect simultaneously, so friends can enjoy all their music together in a brand new way, feeling every detail and beat, just as though they were in the studio or on stage with their favorite musicians! The new DNA Pro 2.0 offers the same distinctive triangular shaped ear cups and delivers Monster's next generation Pure Monster Sound, as well as, advanced noise isolation technology that do not require batteries or recharging, which is ideal for traveling. This is one of Head Monster, Noel Lee's top favorite headphones. To hear what Noel Lee has to say about the DNA Pro 2.0, and see how stunning it looks in Black and Rose Gold, visit here.

Monster Diamondz are the shiniest headphone by far. Check out the new line of Diamondz in Rose Gold and Black/Rose Gold by clicking on this video here. Photos and videos just don't do these luxe and glaring headphones justice, because they are incredibly eye catchy and so shiny that you may sunglasses to look at them. They're full of breathtaking bling just like diamonds, very shiny and screams flashy! Diamondz, which is an upgrade from Diamond Tears, offer amazing style and sound. These amazing, glaring, sensational, shiny headphones scream bling, feature Monster's pure sound technology, and cater to both men and women. The new Monster Diamondz will be available Fall 2014, just in time for the holidays, so be sure to put this on the holiday wish list for all your loved ones who live for attention and excitement.

Monster 24K Line is inspired by by rapper Meek Mill’s 24K lifestyle. The headphones look pure and rich like 24 carat gold, but it doesn't cost $24,000, as it retails for $319.95. It offers Pure Monster Sound, professional DJ style swiveling ear cups, iconic design with super plush cushions, advanced audio technology, and ControlTalk Universal™ In Line Controls.

Monster is also giving back with the Headphones For Haiti campaign, which is a charity effort to help the people and arts community of Haiti. Monster has a big heart of gold, as it donated 100 Inspiration® Headphones to be used by Haitian Master Artists to create unique works of art to be auctioned to raise funds for construction of EPAC HAITI, the Enigma Performing Arts and Convention Center.

adidas Originals Country Color collection of headphones, are perfect for sports fans who want to show support for their favorite team this summer. Bringing iconic three-stripes style to the very best in lifestyle headphones, and incorporating the colors of some of the world's flags, the adidas Originals by Monster Country Color collection celebrates many of the world's flags while maintaining Originals' street level spirit. The collection comes in four distinct colors: Yellow/Green/Black, White/Red, Blue/Red/White and Green/Red for $299.95 each. adidas Originals by Monster Over-Ear headphones feature MusicShare™ dual audio input jacks, a foldable design for practicality and the leading technology of Pure Monster Sound® to bring the dynamics of a live performance to personal headphones and to guarantee high-performance. It features MusicShare, where the dual audio input jacks let you link your MusicShare headphones together to share the audio, and plug in to experience music and movies. It's perfect for those with active lifestyles, easily folds for travel, has a stylish carrying pouch, pillow soft superior noise isolation.

Inspiration Lite headphone, available some time August for $269.95, is the ultimate travel headphone for fashion forward serious music lovers. This is one of Noel's favorite headphones, because it has 60 difference headbands to choose from (think patent leather shoes or feathers), and noise cancellation which is great for travels. Airports are currently offering a promo, where customers who have an iPod receive $50 off or mention Head Monster Noel Lee to receive the special discount! This is the world's first premium headphone designed with women in mind! It's a slimmer and lighter than its stylish Inspiration™ family. It features too brand new colors, the iPhone® Inspired Space Gray, which encapsulates today's tech savvy young professional and the Rose Gold is a bold statement in fashion that will draw in the trendiest consumer. It boasts of a lighter, thinner profile without sacrificing any of the acclaimed sonic virtues of Monster Inspiration over-ear headphones, and features passive noise isolation (no batteries required), and a smaller ear-cup for total listening comfort. What's great about this is the broad range of interchangeable headband colors and styles, so users can match any outfit! This new collection features brushed metal side arms with precision metal hinges and pillow-soft ear cups, comes with a stylish new travel case, in Titanium and White versions.

  • Since Monster will be focusing more with females, it will be teaming up with top retail window designers! Monster carefully considers every aspect of headphone creation, from stylish design to materials, colors, key convenience features and sound signatures, presenting uniquely tailored products that reflect women's sensibilities and meet their specific needs. Monster is working with Harrods the world's most famous luxury department store, to bring this strategy to retail, where Harrods will bring the concept to life in its renowned London window displays. The bold Harrods window displays will begin Fall 2014, and will showcase headphones to pinpoint the individuality of today's modern woman, with her many different looks and styles. Head Monster, Noel Lee talks about some of the headphones (check out the shiny crystals embedded on the headphones) that will be displayed at Harrods here.

iSport Victory In-Ear Headphones is a favorite of professional athletes use, washable, soft pliable ear hook fits right into everyone's ear and seals out the world completely! It boasts a new, super-comfortable earhook design, updated OmniTip™ for an even more unshakeable fit and the powerful, pulse pounding audio that unlike any other sport headphone. Pure Monster Sound™ and superior noise isolation keeps the user focused on the most intense workouts and extreme outdoor sports. To see this headphone with Rose Gold design, and to check out what Noel Lee has to say about the iSport Victory, click here.

NTune Pearl Line consists of high-performance on-ear headphones that delivers great bass, gorgeous pearlescent colors and are bendable which is great for parents with babies and toddlers! Check out this up-close and personal interview with Head Monster, Noel Lee who talks about the NTune Pearl Line here. The new colors are perfect for the summer, as they consist of soft, dreamy pretty pastel colors with a pearlized finish. The pink, lavender and oyster blue look beautiful and other colors are green, and white - all done with a delicate pearl finish that boast of delivering Monster quality sound!

Monster PowerCard Turbo, is one of the world's smallest and most advanced rechargeable smartphone solutions. With Monster "Size Does Matter!" The Monster® POWERCARD™ Turbo (SRP: $69.95) is the size of a credit card, and offers double the charging capacity of the original PowerCard model. In a matter of minutes, the PowerCard Turbo can repeatedly charge almost any smartphone. Monster is working with professional basketball legend, Dr. Shaquille O'Neal, who won four world championships, three NBA Finals MVP awards and appeared in 15 All-Star games. O'Neal will work with Monster's products across multiple categories, from personal audio to headphones and beyond.

Product description:

  • Rated at 3350 mAh, PowerCard Turbo provides up to 10 hours of additional talk time or up to 8 hours of internet use
  • 1 USB 1.5 Amp output
  • Offers twice the charging capacity of the original Monster® PowerCard™
  • Compatible with most smartphones
  • No Waiting: Simply plug it in and make that important phone call

For more information about Monster, and which headphones suit your specific needs and requirements, visit

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