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He sings too! Columbus Short releases new single 'Gave Ya'

Columbus Short releases new music titled 'Gave Ya'
Columbus Short releases new music titled 'Gave Ya'

We knew 'Scandal' star Columbus Short was indeed a talented actor and former back up dancer for Britney Spears but, who knew the man could sing too? Centric reported on Monday March 31 that over the weekend the 'Scandal' gladiator revealed some new music to the world via soundcloud titled, 'Gave Ya' and it has a sound to match his look - good and sexy.

Most recently Short has been headlining the news for the bar brawl he got into while at an engagement party for a friend. Huffington Post reported that after another partygoer made a comment to the actor about his wife, Short purportedly punched the man, leaving him unconscious and with a broken nose.

Ironically enough Columbus Short encountered a similar situation back in 2007, or at least his character, "Claude Whitfield" did in the movie 'This Christmas.' During a unauthorized visit home to see his family and wife of two weeks for the holidays, "Claude" finds himself at a bar with his brothers and sisters where he had arranged to meet his wife, and ends up pulling out his firearm on a guy who said something completely inappropriate and disrespectful about his wife. It's funny how life can sometimes imitate art, or vice versa.

Nevertheless, Short never ceases to please his fans with any of his projects. Hopefully this bar brawl won't effect any of his current projects or those to come. We would hate to miss out on any further surprises like his new single, 'Gave Ya.'

And Columbus we appreciate God 'Gave Ya' too.