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He's green, He's mean, He's the Grinch!


Every kid knows, a story must be told. About a mean green Grinch, and the Christmas he stole. So gather together your family and friends and head to the Pantages to see a dog, a Lou, and some Whos.

The Pantages theatre is currently showing one of the holidays all time favorite traditions. How he Grinch Stole Christmas! The musical version of course! Dr. Seuss' Christmas time story takes the stage with songs that have become classic to the show, and the season.

The story itself is one of scheming, curiosity, love, and holiday spirit. No one does Christmas quite like the Whos. While the music might tell the story, it gets lots of help from outrageous sets, and whimsical costumes. After all, the Whos of Whoville aren't like me and you, neither for that matter, is Mr. Grinch. Dr. Suess' story comes to life on stage as only his classics can. Whoville is not to be missed, even with mean Mr. Grinch!

How the Grinch stole Christmas is a must see for all ages. The show runs through December 27 at The Pantages Theatre. Make sure to check out the official site as ticket prices and show times vary.