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He never says I love you

Valentine’s Day brings about feelings of love, sadness, loneliness, and indifference. What one perceives as a day of love can sometimes be a very painful experience. According to studies presented by, suicide rates go up after holidays instead of during the holidays like many believe. Valentine’s Day is no different, it does not have to end this way.

Our minds become inundated with visions of perfect families and perfect couples through the viewing of ads for Valentine’s Day and romantic movies. Stop and look around. How many couples do you know mirror those in these ads or movies? Few, if any, right? Life isn’t all wine and roses, even though we all wish it could be. Relationships should be based on reality instead of fantasies resulting from Hollywood. Many people feel that they have to hear “I love you“ on a continuum to truly feel loved. Women, especially, complain because “he never says he loves me “. If he told you every day that the sun rises in the West but you watched it rise in the East, would you believe him? Watch what your partner does and the words won’t matter. Actions do speak louder than words. And remember, sometimes someone doesn’t do anything for a holiday because their family didn’t, they just don’t think about it, or they simply don’t know what to do. A little nudge in the right direction can work miracles. How does your partner know what you want if you don’t tell them?

For all the singles out there. Spend the time with friends or family. Go somewhere like a nursing home or homeless shelter. Giving often feels better than receiving. So what if there’s no soul mate in your present, that doesn’t mean there won’t be in your future. Love yourself and others will follow. If you’re still feeling blue, hit the sports bar for a game or get a mani-pedi. If you’re affiliated with a religious, civic, professional, or social group plan a party. There’s plenty of time to plan so jump in and make Valentine’s Day special not just for you but for those around you.

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