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He lives forevermore

Jesus is alive. Yes....many are in the grave today, even the best of who we believe are the best of humanity; people who enjoyed applause and limelight and idol worship are in the grave today, with all their plans and dreams of the future dead with them. However, Jesus The Son of God, co-creator with God The Father and Almighty and God The Holy Spirit of this world and humanity and everything in this world is alive and seated on the right hand of God.

He did die one Friday morning. The Bible says in The book of Isaiah, chapter 53 that He died for sinners and that includes all of us...there is no best of us...we are the worst...because we are all sinners who were born in sin and conceived in sin (Psalm 51). Jesus was the "best man", fully God and fully man.God's perfect Son and God's perfect man and perfect sacrifice to save sinners who deserve to die.

The Bible says in Isaiah 53 that Jesus was humble to God His Father when He died for us. He not only died, but He also suffered for us. Shame, rejection and hatred He suffered for sinners. He never did anything wrong; and when people saw His suffering they thought it was because of something He did....but it was the wickedness of sinners the best of who some of us think we are and the worst of who some think others are. In reality, we are in the same boat of sin, wickedness and depravity. We needed a perfect man to save us and there was only one and His name is Jesus, The Son of God.

His perfection as fully God and fully man has provided a way of escape for us sinners if we believe. His perfect blood, His Holy blood alone can wash away the sin (means: disobedience to God and His commands, way of living, thinking and relating to others) we sinners have if we receive His sacrifice as our atonement for sin and believe in our heart that His death is our substitute.

This perfect Son of God and Son of Man died...and rose from the dead by the power of God!

He is alive!

He lives!

He is coming back to earth in power and majesty!

Buddha is dead. Mohammed is dead. Gandhi is dead. They are still in the grave.

Jesus is Alive!

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