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He Finally Speaks

I'm sorry?
I'm sorry?

Looks like Tiger took the advice of Tom Watson after all.

After almost three months of silence Tiger Woods finally addressed the media today from PGA headquarters in the clubhouse at the TPC Sawgrass. He apologized profusely. As he well should have. 

What makes his 14 and-a-half minute statement almost believable is that he only mentioned the word "golf" twice. It's as if he took cue from Tom Watson, who ripped into Woods late last month in Dubai. Not only did he follow Watson's advice and break his silence, he took it a step further. Watson, Kansas City's native son suggested that Tiger not only clean up his act off the links, but on the course as well. Watson was critical of Woods' temper tantrums during tournaments in which Tiger is know for his bad language and club throwing.

"You can grant that of a young person that has not been out here for a while. But I think he needs to clean up his act and show the respect for the game that other people before him have shown." said Watson late last month.

Towards the very end of his statement Tiger addressed that he does not know when he will return to golf but stated that "when I return, I intend to be more respectful of the game".

The biggest debate in sports right now, if not in pop culture, is whether Tiger Woods was sincere or was this just an attempt to save face. If his words were from the heart he really shouldn't have needed to shuffle through page after page from a statement written before hand. Further more, who's to say that Tiger's publicist didn't write that for him? Tiger Woods is a billionaire sports celebrity, don't think for a minute he doesn't have someone keeping tabs on his public persona. 

All in all, the one thing that stands out from today is what Tiger said about his wife Elin regarding his forgiveness; "As Elin pointed out to me, my real apology to her will not come in the form of words. It will come in my behavior over time".

Actions speak louder than words as the old saying goes. Only time will tell if Tiger Woods was sincere today or not. It's of no point to argue that now. As Tom Watson said, it's time for Tiger to be humble. So far, this isn't a bad start.


  • Romona Paden 5 years ago

    Nice story...I referenced in my article as Biz Commentary Examiner. Keep up the good work!

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