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He and she need each other (II)

"For if anyone is a hearer of the word, and not a doer, this one is like a man looking at his natural face in a mirror" James 1:23 "For you have been given a new birth, not by corruptible. but by incorruptible reproductive seed, through the word of the living and enduring God" 1 Peter 1:23

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The need for reproduction grows as the aging population grows and the advancement of women in complicated employments delays the time to having children. The roles of women and men at home become bewildered or perplexed. The natural reciprocity (inherent in the interplay of mutual giving and receiving- helping to survive long enough in the relationship to reproduce ones kind) is confounded by the complications in the population.

As the aging, and delays to having children, increase, the need increases for reproduction, which is not the matter of wanting only. The "need" for reproductive seed overcomes the mere "want" for self-image-reproduction-in-one's-children-to-be.

Insisting, demanding or requiring from a partner can be related to the imperative or pressing needs. Since the primal source of needs is reproduction, the initial cause of existence, all other needs are built upon that which is the initial cause. These are not to state that unwanted premarital or marital sex are good. The point is that the origin of all needs are based on reproductive seed.

Partner's conducts when approaching and avoiding can be based on that primal need. This may not be true for all couples; with the aging population, delay in having children (and the 'primal need' not being satisfied), couples may experience negative feelings. As needs increase, demands increase accordingly.

In a June 2009 article in the journal "Personal Relationships", titled " Demand-withdraw patterns in marital conflict in the home", Lauren M. Papp, Chrystyna D. Kouros, and E. Mark Cummings reported:

1. equivalent occurrence of interplay between approaching ("demand") and avoiding (withdraw) in husbands and wives discussing their relationship

2. the originator of discords to be the demanding partner

3. low dispute resolution when demanding and withdrawing

4. sadness in relationship when husband demand and wives withdraw

Awareness and communication about the primal needs of the partner, the "reproductive seed", may reduce the 'demanding and withdrawing', discords, or the approach and avoidance conflicts in the relationship.

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