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HBO’s Boardwalk Empire Season 5 premieres September 7th

Boardwalk Empire’s key players for season five are as follows, Nucky Thompson the politician turned gangster; Chalky White, the leader of the North side black community; Eli Thompson, the brother of Nucky who was the sheriff of Atlantic City who also turned gangster; Dr. Valentin Narcisse, a heroin dealer masking himself as a righteous man from Harlem; Nelson Van Alden; a former Prohibition Agent in Chicago working as the muscle for Torrio/Al Capone's organization and of course the infamous Al Capone, notorious gangster in Chicago involved in bootlegging and heroin. Now you can’t have “bad guys” without “good guys” correct? In this case, the good guys are represented by the various agencies looking to take all the key players down. One agency in particular will be a thorn in the side of all the gangsters—the FBI and its first director, J. Edgar Hoover.

Boardwalk Empire HBO
Chalky White

Nucky and his crew dominated seasons one and two; there wasn’t anything or anyone stopping them from making money. It was so easy—from bribes, to having the power to put whom they wanted as President of the United States, to bootlegging. Everyone played his or her part; everybody had an understanding. By season three things change drastically: Nucky lost his wife, his business, and everyone was gunning for him, but true to his style, he was able to dig himself out from the gutter and claim his throne once again by the middle of season four. Towards the end of season four, Eli, Dr. Valentin Narcisse, Chalky, Al Capone, and the wild card Joe Masseria had Nucky contemplating retirement.

Season 5, should be very interesting, does Nucky retire? What happens to Eli, Chalky, and Dr. Narcisse? How effective will Al Capone be as a boss now that Johnny Torrio is out of the picture? So many questions, so many possibilities and we’re sure season five will give us the answers.

Catch season five’s premiere on September 7th at 9pm ET/PT on HBO.