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HB 363, Del. Kaye Kory’s common sense public and environmental health bill

On a distant planet, one much like ours, called ‘common sense’, there exists an economic system that not only promotes continual growth, but one that also takes human and environmental health into consideration when new projects are being proposed. Unfortunately for many economies on planet earth, we’re light years away. But there is hope.

Come 2014 and Virginia Delegate Kaye Kory’s HB 363 (Electric Utility Regulation; Approval of Generation Facilities), a bill that would require the State Corporation Commission to consider public health and environmental costs when reviewing new generation projects, according to the Virginia Conservation Network.

While HB 363 may be a modest piece of legislation relative to what could be contrived, it could go a long way in saving lives, environmental health, and ultimately, money. Three cheers for Del. Kory. She must be one of those few who have ventured from planet ‘common sense’ to spread their wisdom on earth.

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