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HB 1403: Facts Democrats won’t tell you about minimum wage laws

Democrats lie about minimum wage in New Hampshire
Democrats lie about minimum wage in New Hampshire

HB 1403, a bill to raise the minimum wage in New Hampshire, is on the New Hampshire House’s calendar today. Once again Democrats aren’t telling Granite Staters the facts about this bill they are pushing. It’s not that difficult to find historical research about the minimum wage laws nor is it difficult to find statistical data from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics but apparently that’s too much work for Democrats in the Granite State. And once again facts are not Democrats' friends when it comes to minimum wage laws.

According to the latest statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

  • New Hampshire has only 5,000 people earning minimum wage. There are 8,000 earning below minimum wage that are in the service industry (restaurants etc. where tips are earned).
  • New Hampshire is one of the states that has the lowest number of people earning minimum wage in the country.
  • The majority of people earning minimum wage work part-time hours.
  • The majority of women who earn minimum wage work part-time and are school-aged or married.
  • There are only .3 percent of total workers in New Hampshire who make the minimum wage.

Some other facts that have been historically researched that Democrats won’t bother telling Granite Staters about minimum wage law are below:

Once again Democrats are pushing a bill in New Hampshire that is not necessary; they have not researched and will actually hurt the people they are pretending to care so much about. New Hampshire has one of the lowest poverty rates in the entire country. Pushing a minimum wage bill that will not help those actually in poverty and could hurt people trying to rise up out of poverty is beyond pale. What is far more important in this country are jobs – something Democrats at the national level have been crushing with their policies. It’s egregious for New Hampshire Democrats to push a bill without providing the actual facts to Granite Staters. The lies they continue to belt from their soap boxes are getting beyond ridiculous.

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