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Hazzards of High Winds on the High Plains

Today's forecast - WINDY!
Today's forecast - WINDY!
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With today's wind gusts of up to 43 miles per hour and temperatures dropping again, the combination sure makes for a cold and blustery day.  Compared to the milder temperatures we have enjoyed recently, I'd say it's a real sting to spring! During these northerly blasts from mother nature, taking a little caution (instead of throwing caution to the wind!) is not only wise but might just save you a trip to the doctors.

High winds can catch doors and pull or slam you when least expected. When entering or exiting you home or car, use caution.  If a door should happen to pull you, it could also pull a muscle. If a door should happen to slam you, ouch! Either way it could lead to an emergency visit to the doctors or hospital. This might mean entering or exiting at a different angle or direction than you normally would.

Being relatively new to high plains living, I have found it has it's challenges. Abrupt weather changes and patterns is one of them, especially during the season changes from winter to spring. Just when you think spring is here, it's not, so whoever says to think spring, obviously doesn't see the futility of it and doesn't live on the high plains!