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Hazards of Geocaching: wildfires

Caches in and around the Medano Fire area.
Caches in and around the Medano Fire area.

Now that summer is upon us in Colorado, we are in the beginning of the wildfire season in Colorado.  The first major fire is know as the Medano Fire, just northeast of the Great Sand Dunes National Park.

The fire was started by a lightning strike on June 6.  Due to dry, dead timber from pine beetle kill, the fire has spread.  As of this writing, has grown to over 4000 acres from the original five..  The Forest Service has elected to allow the fire to burn as no property is threatened.

I pulled overhead maps of the effected area, and of course, geocaches are present.. Proper planning is necessary to determine if caching in this area is safe based on your outdoor skills.

Areas effected (from

All hiking trails in the Medano Creek drainage area and Medano Pass area are closed. The Mosca Pass Trail is open for day use only; the Medano Pass Road continues to be closed from Castle Creek to Medano Pass, as are all campsites along the road. The Sand Ramp Trail is also closed at Castle Creek.

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