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Hazards of geocaching: mountain lion

A nice location to geocache. Watch out for the mountain lion reported in the area.
A nice location to geocache. Watch out for the mountain lion reported in the area. map view

Now that we are into late summer, reports of encounters with wildlife are on the increase. This week, many residents of Englewood have reported encounters with a mountain lion who has worked its way along the trails from the mountains to this urban area.

As there have been no attacks as yet, the Department of Wildlife is attempting to capture the lion in an effort to return it to the wild. Any encounters should be reported to the local authorities as an aid to capture.

It is important for geocachers to remain cautions as they hunt for caches.  Always travel in groups where possible and follow these tips from the Colorado Department of Wildlife.

  • Stay calm if you come upon a lion.
  • Talk calmly yet firmly to it.
  • Move slowly. Stop or back away slowly. Do not run.
  • Raise you arms to appear larger.
  • If the lion behaves aggressively, throw stones, branches, or whatever you can get your hands on.
  • Do not crouch down or turn your back.
  • Fight back if a lion attacks you. Lions have been driven away by prey that fights back.

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  • Chris 4 years ago

    Hey! Thats my area! I can just see it now. "Man out geocaching lifted a light skirt in shopping center and as attacked by mountain lion when he wasn't looking. "

    You couldn't make this stuff up! Oh i GUESS i JUST DID.

  • Tina Ranieri 4 years ago

    Excellent article

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