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Hayti, Mo. man found guilty of animal neglect

Skelly is recouping with CHS-PAWS in Hayti.
Skelly is recouping with CHS-PAWS in Hayti.

Brian Garner of Hayti, Mo. was found guilty of animal neglect on June 19 and sentenced to the maximum $500.00 fine and 90 days in jail. Imposed by Judge Calvin Ragland, the fine was due immediately, but the 90 day jail sentence was a suspended execution of sentence.

Garner was charged after a utility worker reported an ill and suffering dog on W. Lee Street in Hayti. The complaint was checked out by CHS-PAWS investigators who found the dog starving, dehydrated, and covered in sores. Investigators then contacted Hayti Police Officer Justin Cummings who issued the neglect citation to Garner.

“We do not tolerate animal neglect in Hayti,” Hayti Chief of Police Paul Sheckell said. “We want to send a message that we will prosecute animal abuse when it is called to our attention.”

According to CHS-PAWS investigators the dog was chained in the back yard of the property, hidden in a thicket of weeds. The two year old Pit Bull was clearly in need of immediate attention.

“If an observant utility worker had not come forward, the dog would have died within a matter of days,” Page said, “The owner of the property surrendered the animal to Hayti Animal Control, who in turn surrendered it to us.”

The male Pit Bull, later named Skelly, was taken to the veterinarian where malnourishment and dehydration were confirmed along with untreated, infected chemical burns and an animal bite.

Since taking possession of Skelly CHS-PAWS says he’s gained 30 lbs., his infections are healed, and he’s acting like a regular pup.

If you would like to donate to help with Skelly’s medical treatment or the care of animals just like Skelly, you may mail a check to CHS-PAWS, P.O. Box 525, Hayti, MO 63851, or you may donate online at

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