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Haym Solomon: an American religious patriot who was Jewish

Jerusalem: the connection to American history is clear.
Jerusalem: the connection to American history is clear.

The conviction of religion was prominent in many of America’s founding fathers’ belief systems, the majority being active members in their congressional churches. However one revolutionary patriot stands tall in the contributions of Haym Solomon who played an enormous financial backer of the American Revolution.

Without Mr. Solomon’s personal sacrifices, in all likelihood the American revolution would have collapsed due to lack of financial resources. Christianity being birthed from the Jewish religion has created a bond between spiritually savvy Christians knowing the ties that are to the Hebrew culture.

The 1st Partition of Poland taking place in 1772 was probably a catalyst for Solomon assisting in the America’s fight for independence. The Russian Empire, Kingdom of Prussia, and Austria divided up the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth through territorial seizures (sound familiar?). One irrefutable truth about history, it always revisits unresolved issues or unfinished business where the problems will get progressively worse if not handled properly.

The records show that during the critical phase of the war that later established the United States, Solomon raised over $650,000 in personal loans and other money (that’s nearly $9 billion in purchasing power today) to help finance George Washington’s Continental Army. The critical impact of this effort cannot be measured appropriately.

During the darkest hour that tested the resolve of Washington himself, America treasury was empty as was the war chest of George Washington. There was no food, uniforms, or supplies and Washington’s forces were on the verge of mutiny. Washington calculated that his army would need at least $20,000 to finance a campaign against the British at Yorktown. There were no funds or credit available.

Then Washington gave this short order, “Send for Haym Solomon”. Solomon quickly responded and amassed the funds together which allowed for Washington to conduct his Yorktown campaign. Yorktown proved to be the final decisive battle of the Revolutionary War. The war was a long one to many that put their future on the line and many patriots that sacrificed their resources were never properly paid back.

The failure to pay back war debt was a factor in the French Revolution where French financing of the struggle against England weakened France economically.

Unfortunately the failure to pay back debt ultimately caught up with Solomon and his Jewish associates as Solomon died in January of 1785 in poverty in Philadelphia at the age of 44.

Solomon’s grave is located at the Mikveh Israel Cemetary at the 800-block of Spruce Street in Philadelphia. Although the grave of Solomon was largely unmarked, there were two plaques at the location noting Solomon’s contributions.

In 1980 a larger memorial was dedicated recognizing the contributions of Mr. Solomon. Even with memorial, Solomon has yet to receive the acclaim he deserves in providing the backing of America’s fight for freedom.

There could have easily been no America without the support of Solomon.

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