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Hayley Hasselhoff is now the face of Yours Clothing

Hayley Hasselhoff will be the newest face for Yours Clothing
Photo by Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Teen Vogue

Hayley Hasselhoff’s latest gig is going to be modeling British brand, Yours Clothing. The size 12 (UK size 16) is proud of her modeling accomplishment, as well as a positive breath of fresh air about body image.
"Everyone has fat days,” she told British newspaper The Daily Star, “But you need those bad days to appreciate the good ones. I still walk around in my underwear and appreciate it."
The 21-year-old has grown to accept her shape, being in the public eye as actress, model and being David Hasselhoff’s daughter. Fortunately, growing up with a famous father has not encouraged her to join the ranks of the fame and appearance-obsessed of Hollywood. Since her father’s Baywatch days happened when she was younger, Hayley finds that she has grown up with enough preparedness to face her own fame.
"I know what’s sexy on me and I appreciate my curves and embrace that," she said. "And I’ve gone into this business knowing exactly what it’s like to be in the public eye. I’m a lot more equipped to deal with fame because I have been dealing with it my entire life.”
Hayley also says you don’t have to fall into the plastic surgery and diet fads that can go along with the territory of fame. “It depends on who you hang out with,” she explains. “My friends wanted to be healthy and have fun. We don’t follow that stigma of LA.”
Armed with confidence and a healthy body image, Hayley has plans to eventually create her own line as well as continue her modeling career.

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