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Hayley and Mike Jones eight: Record-setting adoption, a family like 'Brangelina'

Hayley and Mike Jones have eight children after a record-setting "Brangelina-type" adoption. The American couple went to an African orphanage to adopt a number of children in one visit. Initially, they thought they take two or three children in, but they ended up with far more than that!

The kids are all siblings and this is the largest adoption in history ever done at once by a family.

Hayley and Mike wanted to expand the size of their family, so they went from the two children they already had, to 10. The children lived in an orphanage in Sierra Leone.

The Jones couple didn't want to try for more children after Hayley's pregnancies wound up being C-sections, Daily Mail reports June 30. The adopted kids are all brothers and one sister; they range in ages from five to 16. They wound up in a foster home after their father was killed and their mother was incapable of taking care of them anymore.

Hayley, 31, says her life has drastically changed, but wouldn't change it for anything in the world. She says:

"Not a second goes by when I don't need to be cleaning, cooking, teaching, washing or just listening. But I wouldn't have it any other way.

"Now we have eight new mouths to feed, we have to be careful with money, but we find the most joy from just being together as a family - we don't have to buy expensive clothes or toys to be happy.

"Our eight new kids were always destined to be a part of our family, it just took us a little while to find them. Now, our family has tripled in size and happiness."

The adoption process took Hayley and Mike Jones three years to adopt the eight children. The Tennessee couple believe their strong Christian faith is what led them to take in the children, who are adjusting well to family life in the U.S. Hayley, a former school teacher, was also inspired to adopt from Sierra Leone after she learned one of her students was adopted by an American family in 2010 from the same place.

Since the family has increased in substantial size, the parents have turned to crowdfunding to help with caring for the children and have raised $16,000 on in order to extend their four-bedroom bungalow.

Daily Star adds in their report that Hayley and Mike Jones' eight children were adopted from The Raining Season orphanage, "a Christian-run facility that houses up to 120 kids at once."

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