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Hayley and Mike Jones' eight additions create the inspiring 'Jones Dozen'

Hayley and Mike Jones' eight new children came all at once, but it sounds as if they wouldn't have it any other way. The couple already had two biological sons when they decided the time was right to pursue adoption. What they chose to do is inspiring to any and all who hear their story. The Mirror shared the details.

Hayley and Mike Jones' eight new family members round out the 'Jones Dozen'
Screencap via YouTube

The family calls themselves the Jones Dozen now that Hayley and Mike Jones' eight kids are in the mix in their Tennessee home. All eight children are said to be biological siblings who became available for adoption from Sierra Leone. The sibling group, comprised of seven boys and one girl, came from a family where it seems the father had died and the mother was unable to support the family.

The couple had felt drawn to adoption, and they had started to consider a sibling group when the group of eight came to their attention. Though they weren't sure about taking on such a challenge, they decided to move forward and while the process took three years, the family now seems to be strong and doing well.

After committing to the kids, both Hayley and Mike Jones' eight new family members received visits from the couple and weekly Skype calls as the process moved forward. The new family members range in age from 5 to 16, and they have been a part of the Jones family at home in Tennessee since March 2013.

Though transitioning from a family of four to a family of 12 surely has had its bumps and challenges, it certainly seems that Hayley and Mike Jones' eight new family members are in a great place now. The couple clearly feels peace, joy and contentment in their family and their story is quite the inspirational one.

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