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Hayden Panettiere talks wedding plans and hair disasters

Hayden Panettiere models wedding dresses for Bridal magazine and talks about her wedding plans.

ABC News and UPI reported on March 7 that Hayden Panettiere admitted to being nervous to walk down the aisle. Hayden says that she is nervous to have all eyes on her because when you are on the aisle, you are supposed to be the purest emotionally stripped down version of yourself. Hayden says that every time she has been in the limelight, people see you as “Hayden Panettiere, the actress.” You are sharing a very raw moment with people who mean the most to you and it can be a little overwhelming.

Although she is a little nervous, that didn’t stop her from modeling numerous gowns for Brides magazine’s April/May issue. Though there were many dresses the 24-year-old tried on, she claims she hasn’t found “the” dress yet. She says that she has a very specific body type and that is what you have to base it on. Hayden Panettiere envisions her wedding day as classic, elegant, beautiful, but also fun. She says that she loves color so it must play a big part in the wedding. When asked how she knew Klitschko is the one, she stated that it means a lot when you can experience life with someone else. When you experience life without them you realize you don’t want to live without them. Panettiere’s confession referred to the brief split the couple had in 2012 that resulted in them reuniting in Jan. of 2013.

Hayden Panettiere explained that you go out there and date to try and be with different people. She says you will make mistakes but you also get to know yourself in the process. In the end, the star says you just want to be with someone who will mold you in to the best version of yourself as possible. She went on to say that her family absolutely loves her 6-foot-6 heavy weight champion. She says that it must be a great feeling knowing that your child is with someone who will take care of her and protect her. There has been no report on when the wedding will take place.

Hayden Panettiere also talks about her hair disasters throughout the years. She says that many of her school pictures she would be sporting the “crunchy hair” where you put the most intense gel in your hair right after the shower and crunch it in your hands. She claims that you could even blow on your hair and it would snap in half. Another hair regret is when she colored it red. She says that was a terrible idea because it washed out “into a lovely orange.” Hayden says that was a very unattractive part of her life. Before her wedding Hayden has cut it drastically and thinks it was the right thing to do. She says that her hair was so damaged that she had to cut it off to give it a rest. She admits that she does love having short hair but knows that within a few months she will be ready to go back to having long locks again.

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