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Hayden Panettiere reveals she is pregnant; fans wonder if a baby boy or girl

Hayden Panettiere confirms she is pregnant
Hayden Panettiere confirms she is pregnant
Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Hayden Panettiere has finally confirmed that she does have a baby bump. The mother to-be confirmed her pregnancy in a very unique way as she has been quiet for weeks on the situation. According to the New York Daily News on Thursday, the star confirmed her pregnancy by nominating the “unborn child” for ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. The surprise in the video had fans excited as this big news hasn't been discussed by the star previously.

While the announcement of a baby might be a worrisome decision for some actresses, it looks like Hayden won’t be worrying about her job on TV. Fox News is reporting that the pregnancy will be written into “Nashville” so the entertainer won’t be hiding behind furniture and there won’t be any interesting camera tricks to hide Panettiere’s baby bump. The actress’ character, Juliette Barnes, will also be expecting in the show’s upcoming season.

With the fans wondering about the story line on the show, they have been chatting up who the father might be. Will it be her boyfriend Avery (played by Johnathan Jackson) or the other hunk, Jeff Fordham (played by Oliver Hudson,) who gets the big news? The baby drama expected on the popular ABC show definitely will have some fans glued to the edge of their seats.

Looking cute with her baby bump showing after dumping all the water for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, it’s obvious that Hayden Panettiere was looking for the right place and the right time to make her big announcement. Apparently, she found it too as she is making headlines around the world. Since there have been rumors for weeks about the star being pregnant, fans have already focused on the next question surrounding the unborn child. Is it a girl or boy? As private as Hayden is about her personal life, it would be surprising if she made any announcements about this before giving birth. She hasn't offered many details in the past and it is doubtful she will be giving out any in the very near future.