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Hayden Panettiere confirms pregnancy and it will play out on 'Nashville'

Hayden Panettiere
Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Hayden Panettiere is obviously pregnant. The show "Nashville" has already been talking about writing it into the show. She has also been out on the beach flaunting her baby bump, but she hasn't been talking about it or admitting the baby is on the way. On Thursday, New York Daily News shared that she finally admitted that a baby is on the way, but it was in a different way than you would expect.

She took part in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. When she was done getting cold water dumped on her head, Hayden said that she has nominated her fiance and her unborn child. She also nominated Kasey Musgraves since she hasn't done it yet. Hopefully she will go through with it now. She yelled out "Holy shoot, yep that's cold" after getting hit with the water.

Even though it has been obvious Hayden was pregnant for a while now this is the first time she has admitted to it. Yes she does have a baby in her belly, but so far she hasn't shared if it is a boy or a girl. Hayden isn't even telling anyone how far along she is yet. When she did this challenge, she probably thought it would just be a cute way to share the news with her fans.

Just yesterday Taste of Country shared the news that her character will be pregnant on "Nashville" too. They are going to put it into the story line wish could be really interesting. Juliette Barnes will be having a baby but at this time nobody knows who will be the father. That will have to wait to see the show and it should be a lot of drama. The last thing fans saw was she had cheated on Avery with Jeff so it could be either one that is the father. It will make for a great season of the show.

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