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Hayden Moss talks 'Big Brother 16' twist and more

Hayden Moss, season 12 winner, talks "Big Brother 16" twist
Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images

Fans are excited for "Big Brother 16" to begin, but until it does there is a lot of chatter on what will happen on the upcoming season. While rumors are fun to read, it's also interesting to find out what previous houseguests think. Today, June 11, Big Brother Network reported that Hayden Moss spoke about what he thinks about "BB16." The season 12 winner also discussed his time in the house and what he has been doing since he appeared on "Survivor."

Hayden ended up on "Big Brother 12" because another opportunity didn't work out. He was originally approached to be a castaway. However, when that fell through, he was given a chance on "Big Brother."

The season 12 winner compared "Big Brother" and "Survivor." He says that "BB" is a lot more fun and "Survivor" is really hard physically on the contestants. He stated that while you can eat all you want on "BB," "Survivor" could have you not eating a decent meal for days.

As for how Hayden Moss would tell the "Big Brother 16" cast to prepare, he said they should do absolutely nothing. He recommended that they not make any plans and just go with the flow. To keep the reality show exciting for viewers and to not make it so easy for players, especially those that are long-time watchers and have "studied" it, the executive producers work hard to create twists.

Speaking of twists, there is a rumor that it could be something like "Blood vs Water" and Hayden also believes that will happen on "BB16." He also wanted to make it clear that he is just guessing and he doesn't know for sure if it will be "Blood vs Water" or something else.

"Big Brother 16" will premiere on CBS on June 25. Fans will get to find out who the houseguests for 2014 are on June 19.

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