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Hawk and Dove live this Sunday in Marietta, GA

Hawk and Dove
Hawk and Dove
Hawk and Dove

This Sunday come polish off your weekend at Swayze’s in Marietta for a night of cold beers and hot music. Brooklyn based band Hawk and Dove will be in town offering up live tunes in support of their record This Yesterday Will Never End.

Hawk and Dove dish out a brand of rock music that pulls from a wide range of influences. Their songs are a smorgasbord of flavors with enough fuzzy guitars, pop melodies, southern twang and Americana roots to make everyone happy. When you see them live the music takes on a life of its own as it flows from the speakers and infiltrates the ears of everyone there. The shows are personable and full of energy as they feed the crowd then thrive off of the return energy. The intimate room at Swayze’s will have its fair share of music lovers and should lend itself to one hell of a show.

If Hawk and Dove is new to you, and I am willing to bet they are, then give the record a listen and head on out to Marietta for a killer night of music. Be sure to get there early because it is a full night of music with Karina Mia and The Roadside joining in on the festivities. Trust me; this is going to be a good one.

WHO: Hawk and Dove
WHERE: Swayze’s
WHEN: Sunday, March 9th, 7pm