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Hawaiian police stoop to moral low with law keeping sex with prostitutes legal

Hawaiian police beg legislature to allow them to legally have sex with hookers
Hawaiian police beg legislature to allow them to legally have sex with hookers
Photo credit - Epier

Is it an abuse of police authority or simply one of the perks that goes with being a cop in the island paradise for Hawaii cops that can legally have sex with hookers? According to NBC News police in Hawaii are clamoring for the right to keep having sex with prostitutes before the legislature zipped their pants by taking away their sexual antics.

What are regular Hawaiian residents to think about law enforcement that can look the other way when it comes to their best night street walkers that the law allows them to have sex with? In their defense the officers claim that they need this sex on the job option exemption which, “officers to have sex with prostitutes during investigations,” reported NBC News.

This time-honored tradition of street walker sex comes under the ‘necessary evil’ somebody has to do it job requirement which was on the law books until a law hammering prostitution was created to also eliminate the sex exemption for on duty officers. Currently, the exemption was put back in when the Hawaiian state house voted.

A senate committee will now consider whether the police sex exemption is necessary. Whether the measure actually helps the street cops make cases against the street walkers it seems that the practice leads a cloud over the cops who could be tempted to misuse the practice.

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