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Hawaiian Neighbors want Michelle Obama to Pack her Bags and Fly Home Now!

Michelle stays over at Oprah’s for extended vacation at tax payer expense - Neighbors want her gone
Michelle stays over at Oprah’s for extended vacation at tax payer expense - Neighbors want her gone
photo credit – The Wire

You’ve heard the old adage that after three days fish and visitors begin to smell, well it seems that Michelle Obama’s odor might be a bit rank by now, because her neighbors want her gone.

The Obama clan is never concerned about the imposition they create upon other people and their lives, whether it is bad policies or the case of their uncaring behavior at their neighbor’s expense.

According to American Overlook, Michelle decided to bless her neighbors with her twice extended presence by hanging out with Oprah at her 12-bedroom mansion on Maui. Not to matter that her continued hangout with the billionaire television and cable network star is disrupting the neighbors, it seems her 50th birthday celebration is far more important.

Of course it is no matter that the American taxpayers are footing the extra cost in these budget tight times. The Chicago disbarred lawyer feels right at home spending other people’s money, since she made the decision in December to vacate the Capitol early at the cost of $63,000 instead of taking Air Force One with President Obama later.

So Michelle making the decision to stay in Hawaii this week to celebrate her 50th birthday was a strict no-brainer when it comes to living large in Maui.

Neighbors are growing impatient with her “royal highness wannabe.” Besides the continuing burdens that security checkpoints are causing many of the small area businesses are suffering. “Many business owners are complaining they can’t even stock their shelves because supply trucks are barred from traveling on roads near Oprah’s mansion,” reports American Overlook.

What do you think about Michelle’s refusal to split Oprah’s digs? Should she go or should she stay?

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