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Hawaii: Wifi Generation and the bra

Underwire bra
Underwire bra

Aloha all you environmental readers out there!

Have you ever seen how technology has become more advance nowadays?

Have you ever noticed on how many things are becoming wireless?

Have you thought about how Wifi can affect one's health?

If any of these questions came to your mind, you can rest assure that you are not the only one that thinks this way.

Here's something to think about:

Did you know that metal itself when applied to the body can act as an antennae for energy sources, such as wifi and wireless products?

There are many studies being conducted on items such as brassieres with metal underwires and how it can act as a conductor.

A very good example would be that emergency personal or anyone that is trained in CPR will remove any metals, including any bra with underwire in order to perform CPR with an AED. Otherwise it would be considered a risky shocking device, such as an electricity conductor.

Currently there are research being done on metal underwire bras that suggest that it does not stimulate cancers, but I beg to differ.
There's just not that many evidence right now and peer-reviewed articles have made mistakes in the past.

If you choose to place a cellphone in your bosom, I would highly suggest not to, as that radiation is effective.
There are also studies on many wireless items, such cellphones and wifi.
You can read a 2011 article that I had wrote about Hawaii cellphones and wi-fi risks:

Cars and any motor vehicles that uses wifi and 3G / 4G are also metal conductors to radiation.

Here is a broad list of wireless items in general:

  • wireless sportsbands and bracelets
  • wireless track and exercise counters
  • wireless cameras on glasses
  • wireless gps systems
  • wireless printers
  • wireless mouse
  • wireless headsets

And the list goes on...

Now that you know about wireless devices, the more you learn about how the overuse of wireless
technology might cause damage and health risks, the better you know how to take care of your health.

And remember Hawai'i, to take care of your health, take care of life, take care of the Earth's Environment, and to think Green Hawai'i!

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