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Hawaii: Upcoming holiday is World Population Day!

World Population Day 2014

Aloha all you environmental people out there!

Here is a holiday that is coming up in July and it's called World Population Day! World Population Day is observed every year on July 11.

What is World Population Day all about?

World Population Day was created to raise awareness on the population issues that is currently happening around the world.
In 1987, five billion people was achieved.
In 2011, seven billion people was confirmed.
Currently the world's population is over seven billion people!

Can you imagine if there were over ten billion people in the world and not enough land to live on?

The history on World Population day had started in 1989 by the United Nations Development Programme. They had imitated a day called Five Billion Day, which was celebrated on July 11, 1987. That day was started by the public's gained interest on the growing population.
Hence World Population Day was born and now continues annually.

Since then the population grew and it is due to:

• GMO foods that reduces famine

• Affordable medical care

• Healthier lifestyles

• Living longer

In time our Earth will have more people than before and less land to live on.
In Hawaii, condos are becoming the demanded new housing, which are stacks upon stacks of people. The more population grows in Hawaii, there would not be enough room for development. With increasing economics and inflation of taxes, as a result, many people have chosen to have fewer children. This helps reduce the population in numbers.

Another way that helps to reduce the population is by using birth control. This helps avoid unwanted pregnancies.
Planned Parenthood is one place to get birth control at an affordable cost.

Planned Parenthood Hawaii, started in 1966 by a group of medical doctors and nurses that dedicated themselves to the health of reproductive systems, they tend to both women and men. Their mission is also to educate the community in both statewide and nationwide about how to be healthy.

For more information, visit Planned Parenthood of Hawaii:

If you'd like to learn more about World Population Day, visit Greening the Blue:

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