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Hawaii: Upcoming 2014 September Green Holidays and Event!

Earth holidays!
Earth holidays!

Aloha all you environmental readers!

Are you ready for more 2014 Green Holidays?
Here are some good upcoming 2014 September Earth holidays!

September 4: National Wildlife Day (annually)
National Wildlife Day helps bring awareness to endangered animals in both the U.S. and around the world. It also helps encourage activists to stand up for animal rights, and for animal groups to rescue endangered wildlife. Zoos are also a wonderful place for endangered animals, being that it helps the endangered animal to be kept safe from poachers and also to help them breed.
You can help support by volunteering at a zoo, donate money to feed the animals and to help upkeep their environment, and or sponsor an endangered animal!

If you would like more information, please visit National Wildlife Day:

September 21, 2014: Climate March
This is a world event and is happening in different parts of the world! U.S., U.K., Canada, and Spain are some of the participating countries to name. New Zealand had their march on September 14, 2014.
Their mission is to have the United Nations Climate Summit’s attention and will help to push attention to the world leaders. This will address that Earth has a climate crisis.

If you would like more information, visit:

September 21: International Day of Peace (annually)
International Day of Peace is annually observed around the world on September 21. It was founded in 1981 by the United Nations General Assembly that inspires peaceful ideas for peace in all nations and for all people. International Day of Peace is also a day to cease-fire and also to be known as a non-violence day.
This year on Sunday September 21, 2014, International Day of Peace theme will be about the Right of Peoples to Peace. This helps to recognize the 30th UN General Assembly Declaration.
International Day of Peace is either celebrated with a candle, or through a peaceful meditation, and or through prayer for peace. You can also celebrate this UN holiday by sharing pictures and or reminders to anyone and or through social media. You can go to Twitter and follow @PeaceDay and check out their social page for Peace Day.

If you would like more information, please visit International Day of Peace:

September 22: World Car-Free Day (annually)
World Car-Free Day was founded in 1997 by an international organization called Carbusters. It then moved onto becoming a network to voice internationally on ways of how to improve the transportation environment. The international organization then became affiliated globally as the World Carfree Network Europe o.s., a non-profit organization and was based in Czech Republic.
A U.S. version was called World Carfree Network USA, and was later dropped in the early 2007 due to gaining a status without having a nonprofit organization running first. Overall, World Car-Free Day is still known throughout the world.
The idea behind World Carfree Network is to help promote healthy green alternatives other than driving a car. This helps remind people of healthy walking as well as gaining a good exercise, riding a bicycle, a skateboard, a manual scooter, carpooling, and or using the public transportation. It also promotes in helping the environment by reducing the poisonous and carcinogenic carbon monoxide.

For more info, visit:

Now that you know about the upcoming green holidays, you can help spread the word and help support the Earth, the only planet that we all know that we can breathe and live on; and to show support for the future generations.

And remember Hawai’i, to take care of your health, take care of life, take care of the Earth’s environment, and to think Green Hawai’i!

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