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Hawaii tsunami advisory in effect until further notice

In the aftermath of the massive 8.2 magnitude earthquake that hit off the coast of northern Chile on Tuesday, tsunamis have affected nearby coasts in South America. In Hawaii, a tsunami advisory is still in effect until further notice, according to the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center at 4:40 A.M. Wednesday morning.

Tsunami wave surges created from the 8.2 magnitude Chile earthquake causes Hawaii tsunami advisory

While the first waves of the tsunami have been small, people and boaters are still being warned to stay away from the shores and harbors. With all the aftershock earthquakes off the coast of Chile, it is creating more waves heading to Hawaii. It is not safe to be in the waters.

Hawaii News Now has live coverage of the tsunami waves. In their newscast this morning, they showed what wave activity normally looks like with patterned and even distribution of the wave on the shore. Then, there’s video of the tsunami waves coming in a disorganized manner. Surges have been recorded as large as 3 feet so far and usually the largest are the first few waves. There are also strong currents projected, which has caused a small craft advisory as well.

Beaches are closed early this morning, each county having its own closing hours. Stay out of water until the tsunami advisory is lifted.

Keep updated on the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center by clicking here.

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