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Hawaii tries to ban eating cats and dogs: Folks with pets in tow pack meeting

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Hawaii tries to ban the eating cats and dogs with a new bill offering laws with stricter guidelines. With reports of cats and dogs being slaughtered for food coming from around the island paradise each year, animal lovers packed the legislative hearing Thursday with pets in tow asking for those stricter laws, according to the New York Post on March 14.

Hawaii is one of the top destinations for vacationers around the world, so who would have thought that some folks there eat cats and dogs in this day and age. The Human Society of the United States receives at least two reports each year of people slaughtering these pets to use as a food source.

Unless these folks are literally caught in the act, there is no way for law enforcement to prosecute these pet slaughtering culprits. The House Committee on Agriculture advanced the bill to ban the practice, bill SB 2026.

One of the representatives, Rep. Romy Cachola, appeared confused as to why they were voting on this bill when one is already in place. Rep. Jessica Wooley, who is the chairperson of the House Agriculture Committee, explained that this “new bill tightens existing law.”

The bill was amended by the committee, which added that it was against the law to eat “all pets,” not just cats and dogs. Several of the lawmakers had reservations and this bill wasn’t passed unanimously, Rep. Cachola and Rep. Clift Tsuja voted against the bill, but that wasn’t enough votes to stop this bill from becoming law.