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Hawaii stoaway Yahya Abdi speaks out about trip to Hawaii in wheel well

Yahya Abdi had a great trip to Hawaii while riding in a wheel well a while back. He is lucky that he survived and is now known as the Hawaii stowaway. He is now back home in California. On Thursday, CNN shared what this young man has to say about his trip.

Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

He spoke out saying that he could see through the little holes. Abdi knows that he was above the clouds and it is very obvious that he was awake for part of this flight. Yahya is very lucky that he even survived to tell his story. His mother is living in Africa and he is saying that he had no idea where the plane was going but jumped on in hopes of going to see her.

In his first interview, Yahya Abdi said, "I only did it because I didn't want to live with my stepmom. Second of all, I wanted to find my mom. I haven't seen her since I was young." He also wants other people to know not to run away because they could end up dying. Now he is living a normal life playing video games and just being a teenager. He is in good physical condition and has regained some of his hearing that was lost during that flight.

USA Today shared that the young boy has found out that his mother is still alive and well. He hasn't seen her in years and actually feared that she was not alive. She said that back in 2006 her ex-husband took her three kids away and told them that she was dead. They now live in the United States but she is still in Somalia.

Yahya Abdi's mom has hopes and dreams of moving to the United States. If she can get here, she wants to get back custody of her three children even though she hasn't had them in years. That is her ultimate dream, but it is unknown if she will ever have any luck in doing this because it all be hard for her.

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