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Hawaii Spring Break visitors greeted to a new Hawaiian tradition

The sun and the palms in Kona, Hawaii
The sun and the palms in Kona, Hawaii
Brocken Inaglory - Wikimedia Commons

With the beginning of spring break season, Hawaii is getting ready to welcome an influx of visitors to the island. It used to be that visitors would be greeted by a friendly local who would welcome them with a big "Aloha" and a beautiful flower lei. But that tradition has faded up until now.

Sunset over Kona, Hawaii
Gerdbru - Wikimedia Commons

Honolulu Lei Greetings, a local company on the island has brought new life into the old Hawaiian tradition. Visitors traveling to the island can now arrange that same wonderful experience with Honolulu Lei Greetings.

According to the Hawaii Visitor's Bureau, visitors are looking to gain more value for their dollar. Honolulu Lei Greetings has made that possible by adding that personal touch.

Unlike other tour providers that greet visitors at the baggage claim area, Honolulu Lei Greetings greets visitors right at their gate. Visitors can choose from a variety of choices that the company offers; there are even options just for men.

But the company goes one step further by providing personal attention to each visitor. The company escorts visitors to the baggage claim area where they are given a warm welcome and provided with a map of the islands.

Visitors will find this to be a traditional Hawaiian experience unlike any other. There is another reason why this experience makes it so special to visitors; each flower lei is handcrafted by the greeters themselves. When a visitor receives a flower lei from the greeter, it's the Hawaiian way of saying "Aloha and Welcome."

Honolulu Lei Greetings is based on Oahu and serves the Honolulu International Airport. Other areas serviced include Kahului Maui, Lihue Kauai and Kona Hawaii (Big Island). For more information, visit the Honolulu Lei Greetings website.

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