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Hawaii school shooting: Teen shot by police at Roosevelt High School in Hawaii

President Theodore Roosevelt High School, 1120 Nehoa Street, Honolulu, Hawaii
President Theodore Roosevelt High School, 1120 Nehoa Street, Honolulu, Hawaii
Wikimedia Commons User Joel Bradshaw

Hawaii school shooting news has come from Roosevelt High School near downtown Honolulu. The Hawaii school shooting apparently took place when a runaway teen lunged at officers trying to detain him. According to a report from Tuesday (Jan. 28), the 17-year-old boy was a former student that was spotted on campus. He was originally detained after officials spotted him on campus and called the police. It was while being detained that the incident got worse.

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While in a small office, it is alleged that the teen punched two officers and cut a third with a kitchen knife. This information comes from Honolulu police Maj. Richard Robinson, responding to questions about how they had tried to take the boy into custody. One of the officers that were attacked fired two shots, with one striking the boy in the wrist. He was taken to the hospital with non life-threatening injuries and the officers were also treated for their injuries. The one that was attacked with the knife ended up with a minor cut to his torso.

The update from this Hawaii school shooting is that the name of the former student will not be revealed due to his age. What has been revealed is that he is being held on suspicion of three counts of attempted murder. The officer that fired the two shots is now on administrative leave as an investigation into the incident takes place. Students were unsurprisingly shaken up by the incident that took place during school hours, with many reacting on social media about what had taken place.

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