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Hawaii Pastor announces his run for Lt. Governor

Hawaii State Seal and Motto that hangs at the entrance of the State Capitol
Hawaii State Seal and Motto that hangs at the entrance of the State Capitol
Meiric K. Dutton via wikimedia commons

Before Elwin Ahu became a pastor, he was a Hawaii state judge. On Thursday, Ahu, the senior pastor of New Hope Metro in Honolulu, Hawaii announced he is seeking the Republican nomination for Hawaii’s next lieutenant governor in the primaries.

Ahu is quoted as saying, "For several years our Constitution has been challenged, not in the judicial courts of law, but in the people's courts of public opinion," Ahu goes on to say, “Our government leaders are no longer grateful, it seems, for Divine Guidance, nor are they mindful of our Hawaiian heritage; consequently we've lost our uniqueness as an island state. Many I have talked to voiced the same concerns: `That the righteous philosophy of our state motto has not been protected, nor has it been preserved.'

Ahu is a graduate of Kamehameha Schools and the University of Hawaii’s law school. Ahu’s family is no stranger to politics. His sister, Lei Ahu Isa has been involved in Hawaii politics for many years. In 1999, Ahu resigned as a Circuit Court judge to go into ministry full-time. According to Ahu’s personal Facebook page, this past year was one of the more difficult challenges in Ahu’s life where he battled cancer and won, he’s now in remission.

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