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Hawaii: It's time to be prepared for hurricane season again!

Hurricane season
Hurricane season

Aloha all you environmental readers!

Did you know that once again it is hurricane season!

Do you think you're ready for a hurricane in case
it does hit the islands?

What is a hurricane?

Hurricane came from a Spanish word called "huracan".
A hurricane is a tropical cyclone that can reach speeds of 74 miles per hour and or more.

Hurricanes start in warm tropic areas as a low pressured tropical cyclone and then develops from the four different stages:

  • Tropical disturbance - originates from tropical showers, thunderstorms.
  • Tropical depression - sustains winds of 38 mph or less.
  • Tropical storm - sustains winds of 39 - 73 mph. This is when the National Hurricane Center names the tropical cyclone.
  • Hurricane - sustains winds of 74 mph or higher.

Now, do you have a hurricane emergency kit?

If not, here are some emergency tips to follow:

  • Water - should be for drinking purposes and should last for several days for each persons in homes. Should also have water for cleaning purposes.
  • Food - should be non-refrigerated and be kept in sealed containers and or bags. The food should last for several days for each persons in homes.
  • Food for pets - should be non-refrigerated and should last for several days per pet.
  • Clothing and blankets - to keep warm and to prevent hypothermia.

Keep a backpack ready with emergency items that prepares
for emergency situations and include emergency

  • Flashlights - with batteries and or wind-up.
  • Candles - emergency candles.
  • Radio - battery operated and or wind-up.
  • Matches - emergency matches.
  • Batteries - keep batteries that are before expiration date.

If you would like more information on emergency kits,
please visit:

Hawaii State Civil Defense:

American Red Cross:

If you would like to know where to go for hurricane shelters,
please visit:

Now that you know about hurricanes and know how to prepare for it, please be safe, follow common sense, and keep a radio handy in case of emergency warnings.


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