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Hawaii girl dental procedure: 3 y/o girl dies following dental procedure

A Hawaii girl has died following a dental procedure. Three-year-old Finley Boyle went into cardiac arrest and suffered brain damage as a result after a dental visit. On Jan. 5, MSN reported that Boyle's parents have filed a lawsuit against dentist Lilly Geyer and Island Dentistry for Children in Honolulu. Boyle's parents believe that their little girl was given "incorrect dosages of sedatives."

Boyle was seen by Dr. Geyer for "extensive" dental work. The child needed four root canals and multiple cavity fillings according to court documents. Evidently Dr. Geyer did all of the procedures at once while Finley was under. However, her parents say that their daughter's vitals were not properly monitored.

The Hawaii girl's dental procedure may have been "routine" (although that seems like an awful lot of work for a toddler) but her parents say that Dr. Geyer and the hospital where Finley was being treated was unprepared for an emergency situation. They are calling the ordeal a "massive overdose."

"Island Dentistry for Children has closed permanently, according to a statement on the firm's website, which does not provide any further details or explanation. Neither Dr. Geyer nor Island Dentistry immediately responded to requests for comment," MSN reported. It is unknown if the hospital is cooperating with Finley's family.

More on the Hawaii girl's dental procedure turned deadly in the video above.

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