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‘Hawaii Five-0’ season finale spoilers: Ransom rocks team, Nick Jonas returns

Nick Jonas
Photo by Angela Weiss

Nick Jonas portrayed a bad guy on “Hawaii Five-0” when he was the guest star on season 4, episode 8. The musician played an crafty character who was more technologically savvy than the police and he never got caught. This “Hawaii Five-0” season finale spoiler offers up details about the last episode of the season so viewers who don’t want to know should look away now. According to TV Fanatic on Thursday, Nick Jonas is returning to the show and his character is offering up more trouble for the team.

Computer whiz Ian Wright is back for the “Hawaii Five-0” season finale and fans know that Steve McGarrett and his team aren't going to be sitting around while the fugitive is on the loose. When Captain Lou Grover’s daughter is kidnapped by an old nemesis, he is forced to help steal $100 million in order to get her back. This time it appears that the team catches a break and what justice is finally served to a criminal who has been so elusive, but it might take some crafty maneuvering to get this fugitive in handcuffs.

Meanwhile, Wo Fat escapes prison and heads back to Oahu. As fans have seen over the season, Wo Fat is nothing but trouble. Knowing that he is heading back to Hawaii also means that that Steve McGarrett’s mother isn’t far behind. The two seem inseparable even though the variables on why they know each other haven’t been completely revealed.

The “Hawaii Five-0” fourth season finale might be a cliffhanger, but the fans know that the cast and crew will be back for another season. CBS has already confirmed that the show was renewed and this is great news for the loyal viewers of the popular show. Knowing that the show will return in the fall offers viewers a chance to enjoy the summer and know their favorite TV characters are coming back.

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