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'Hawaii Five-0' finale spoilers: Grover will be pushed over the line

Fans of "Hawaii Five-0" are still processing the departure of Catherine from the series, and now they will be thrown for another loop during the season finale on CBS later tonight. On May 8, Spoiler TV shared a sneak peek released for this week's episode, "Hawaii Five-0" episode 4x22 titled "O ka Pili'Ohana ka 'Oi." This clip features Chi McBride and Nick Jonas. The hacker is back to cause more trouble.

How far will Grover go to save his daughter on H50?
The Hawaii Five-0 CBS Facebook

During this episode, Ian Wright will return to the series. He is played by Nick Jonas, and the hacker has a new plan. He has kidnapped Grover's daughter, and he is using that to get something out of the man. This sneak peek shows Grover crossing the line and getting what is asked of him by the hacker, but Ian is not ready to free Grover's daughter. He wants Grover to help his men steal $100 million dollars. The look on Grover's face when he hears this news is not a happy one. That is where the clip ends.

Photos from this episode do tease more about this finale. Grover is the type of father that will do anything to keep his daughter safe, so it is not surprising that Ian used him to get what he wanted. Just how far will Grover go before he calls in his back-up? That is not known, but fans should expect an action packed episode.

Fans can also expect to see the return of WoFat to the series. He will break out of jail and return to Oahu. He and McGarrett still have unfinished business to handle. These two men have been going back and forth since WoFat first appeared on the series. It is clear that this feud will not end anytime soon. This series has already been picked up for season five next season, so fans will see more action from McGarrett and the gang next fall. "Hawaii Five-0" will air its finale tonight on CBS.

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