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‘Hawaii Five-0’ fan built episode; TV viewers input helped make the show

Fans built the next episode of Hawaii Five-0 airing on Friday night and it’s a dream come true for diehard viewers. Offering a chance for the people who watch the show to be heard, the episode had fans weighing in on key elements of the story, wardrobe, music and more. According to the Los Angeles Times on Thursday, the show is going to have the killer using a stiletto heel to murder a victim.

Hawaii Five-0 has always been open to incorporating the fans input with the show. Last season the show offered up an alternate ending scenario where fans weighed in on social media to decide how the story would finish. The fan built episode is far more elaborate as the elements that the viewers wanted to see needed to be written into the story and it needs to be very compelling.

In the episode Ho’i Hou, the Five-0 team investigates when the daughter of a macadamia nut tycoon is murdered with a stiletto heel during Chin’s high school reunion. Offering up a few conspiracy theories, Jerry Ortega (played by Jorge Garcia) returns to see how he can help. Rob Corddry guest stars as a struggling magician.

While some shows just offer up week after week of episodes. It’s great to see the Hawaii Five-0 show allow the fans to be heard. Not only does the show give the audience a weekly dose of crime solving from the Hawaiian Islands, they give the fans a chance to be part of the show using social media. It is a perfect reason to watch on Friday night.

Hawaii Five-0 is on CBS with Ho’i Hou airing Friday, April 4 at 9 p.m. ET.

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