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Hawai`i tsunami advisory ended

The Hawai`i Tsunami Advisory for Hawai`i is ended this morning as of 7:25 am Hawai`i Time, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center announced in an update.

The update stated:

Tsunami wave heights across the state are now below advisory levels and are continuing to diminish. Based on all available data the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center is now cancelling the Tsunami Advisory. Smaller sea level changes and strong or unusual currents may persist for several additional hours and appropriate caution should be exercised by boaters and swimmers.

There was no reported damage.

Measurements or Reports of Tsunami Wave Activity

------------------- ----- ------ ----- --------------- -----

  • HANALEI HI 22.2N 159.5W 1559Z 0.15M / 0.5FT 14MIN
  • PORT SAN LUIS CA 35.2N 120.8W 1521Z 0.17M / 0.6FT 18MIN
  • SANTA BARBARA CA 34.4N 119.7W 1344Z 0.16M / 0.5FT 16MIN
  • SANTA MONICA CA 34.0N 118.5W 1409Z 0.12M / 0.4FT 18MIN
  • LOS ANGELES CA 33.7N 118.3W 1360Z 0.05M / 0.2FT 26MIN
  • ENSENADA MX 31.8N 116.6W 1407Z 0.02M / 0.1FT 32MIN
  • APIA UPOLU WS 13.8S 171.8W 1613Z 0.09M / 0.3FT 14MIN
  • PAGO PAGO AS 14.3S 170.7W 1538Z 0.31M / 1.0FT 18MIN
  • BARBERS PT HI 21.3N 158.1W 1428Z 0.03M / 0.1FT 22MIN
  • KAHULUI MAUI 20.9N 156.5W 1514Z 0.52M / 1.7FT 18MIN
  • WAIANAE HI 21.4N 158.2W 1503Z 0.06M / 0.2FT 12MIN
  • NAWILIWILI HI 22.0N 159.4W 1422Z 0.02M / 0.1FT 24MIN
  • HALEIWA HI 21.6N 158.1W 1426Z 0.11M / 0.4FT 14MIN
  • HILO HI 19.7N 155.1W 1438Z 0.58M / 1.9FT 16MIN
  • HONUAPO HI 19.1N 155.6W 1436Z 0.04M / 0.1FT 08MIN
  • DART 51407 19.6N 156.5W 1358Z 0.01M / 0.0FT 16MIN
  • HONOKOHAU HI 19.7N 156.0W 1405Z 0.06M / 0.2FT 12MIN
  • KAPOHO HI 19.5N 154.8W 1342Z 0.13M / 0.4FT 14MIN
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