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Havre De Grace grandmother reunited with dogs as volunteers help repair her home

Mary Root, 81, was jailed because the judge would not accept her medical excuse as a valid reason not to show up in court.
Mary Root, 81, was jailed because the judge would not accept her medical excuse as a valid reason not to show up in court. petition

It took a village to help an 81-year-old ailing, great grandmother get back her dignity, her home, and her seven small dogs in Havre De Grace, and the huge hearts of some Good Samaritans continue to keep on giving reported Saturday's baltimore

In a brief court hearing last week at the Hartford County District Court in Bel Air, the plea agreement dropped charges of the dogs not being properly licensed and placed the other charges for the dogs being loose on hold for a year as long as the dogs are kept in their own yard. Root will pay a fine of $500.

Mary Magdalene Root has lived on the 4100 block of Oak Drive for 40 years. She lives on a very small pension, and therefore hasn't had the money to make some major needed repairs to her home including electrical, plumbing, and flooring.

When her dogs escaped from their fenced yard in February 2013, a series of misfortunes turned into a debacle with the people in the community outraged. Mary Root suffers from cancer and other health issues, and was unable to go to court to answer the charges nor could she afford the $7,000 worth of fines she would have been required to pay.

None of the small dogs are dangerous, and all of them are reported to be well behaved and gentle.

That's when a Hartfod County judge ordered Mary's arrest, and for two nights, until she could pay the $2,500 bond, Mary stayed locked up in the Hartford County Detention Center.

In addition, Mary's pets were not allowed to return to her home until repairs were made.

The story didn't go unnoticed; a petition to drop the charges garnered 3,600 signatures and asked Judge Cooper to drop all of the charges and allow Mary and her dogs to be reunited.

And now the best gift of all; contractor Maxwell Casey stepped up to help renovate Mary's home, and is asking for more volunteers to finish the work. A group called "Friends of Mary Root" has been organized to make Mary's home comfortable for her and the dogs who she refers to as her family.

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